Blue Whale TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Blue Whale TamilRockers

Blue Whale TamilRockers is an emerging Tamil film written and directed by T Ranganathan. Produced together by D Mathu and P Arumai Chandran, Blue Whale star actress Poorna and Kabish Khanna in the lead role, Birla Bose and Divya in the supporting roles. P. C. Shivan created the score and story of this film.

KK is a director of photography and the publisher of this film is Shanmugham Velusamy (Joker Fame). The story of the Blue whale is about a child who has disappeared from his home after playing a dangerous game (Blue whale) that endangers his life without the presence of his family.

Blue Whale Movie Story Line

In recent years, Kollywood has made films about the dangers of technology and how dangerous it can be to share a lot of information on social media. Director T Ranganathan, who recently made a film about the Blue whale competition, has turned the world upside down.

Poorna plays the role of the AKP, whose mission is to find a missing child. “The missing student left an idea that he was playing the game,” he said. Tik We chose the three children who would play the role of the missing student during the audition and eventually focused on Kabish Khanna. It is cruel for criminals to catch children mentally.

In the film Blue Whale, Kabish played as a child in Khanna. Birla Bose and Divya played their parents. Poorna plays with his assistant, a police inspector who follows in the footsteps of the boy who plays the role of the game. The film is almost ready and should appear in January or February 2019.

Poorna and Kabish Khanna in Blue Whale

Now all children have a smartphone, which increases the risk. From the last Blue whale to the Momo Challenge (a kind of cyberbullying), there are so many scary games. We may not be able to identify criminals, but we can show parents how to protect their children. This is the subject of my movie Blue Whale TamilRockers. ”

Although many deaths have reported in the country, the government has not been able to involve them in the vote. Sources close to the film say that the film should raise the irony with their families while fighting for the future of their children trapped in the rat race, ultimately losing the time of their children and ending up ignoring it. If you have no choice, play without knowing the nature of your life.

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