Ettuthikkum Para TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Ettuthikkum Para TamilRockers

Ettuthikkum Para TamilRockers is a Tamil film released on March 6, 2020. The movie is made by Keera and stars P. Samuthirakani, Chandini Tamilarasan, Sathish and Ramachandran as main characters.

The Ettuthikkum Para, expected to released on Friday, originally called Para. Director Keera, formerly director like Merlin and Pacchai Enginra Kaathu, led the change of title on the advice of her researchers. This indicates that the original title is similar to a particular caste.

Ettuthikkum Para Movie Story Line

Santini went to Chennai to marry a young man with a lower caste than he. Nitish Veera, who lives in an apartment, marries his girlfriend. Munishkant roams the night looking for 20,000 to save his son’s life. Samudrakani’s lawyers are trying to save their friends from the police meeting. The problem they face is the story of the movie.

Although the basic idea good, the director lost a scene and a performance error. As a result, “Ettuthikkum Para” became more difficult to see. Ambedh (Samuthirakani) is a lawyer and social activist who is on the wrong side of the government encouraging his children and friends to kill. By the way, a boy from the “lower caste” (Nithish Veera) wants to marry a girl from the “higher caste”. A woman (Chandini) travels to Chennai to marry her chosen husband.

The director added that the film is about honor killings. In the film, Kani’s character will protect high-risk fugitive couples from caste parents. I want to make a difference by finding solutions instead of just pointing the finger.

Samuthirakani in Ettuthikkum Para

Will this film, in which Samuthirakani is a militant lawyer as the main character, be the subject of preaching to the public? Keera quickly stated that the character of samuthirakani would only be a dialogue in the movie. “The character’s actions will speak louder than their words,” he said. The movie stars Chandini Tamilarasan and Nithish Veera.

Samuthirakani plays an activist for the fifteenth time and we know what happened before his on-screen presentation. Munishkanth, Chandini and Muthuraman agree. MS Sreekanth’s music and Joseph’s Sabu edition add value to the film. Keera, who previously made films like “Merlin” and “Pacchai Enginra Kaathu”, can present better stories in a fun way.

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