Garuda Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Garuda Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Garuda Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is the next Indian Kannada action film produced by BK Raja Reddy on the Orange Pixel poster and directed by Dhankumar K, dance choreographer for films such as Adyaksha, Mussanjemaatu and Ranna. It stars Siddharth Mahesh, Aindrita Ray and Ashika Ranganath in the lead roles and music composed by Raghu Dixit.

The famous choreographer Dhanakumar is ready to replace the director with a new film called “Garuda”. The film released on Monday morning in the Kanteerava studio in Bangalore. Srinagara Kitty cheered for the first shot. Prem ‘Nenapirali’ and others were the main guests at the opening event.

Garuda Movie Story Line

Siddharth Mahesh star Garuda has risen and fallen since Muhurath in March this week. Interestingly enough, the team had to change heroin at the eleventh hour. Deepa Sanniddhi has decided to leave the project and will be replaced by Aindrita Ray. Aindrita paired with Ashika Ranganatha against the player.

Siddarth Mahesh, who made his film debut earlier this year with Sipaayi, has signed the following contract. This actress will appear in Garuda, which will mark the passage of the choreographer Dhana Kumar.

Siddharth said that this film will shown next March. “The film will an action-oriented family drama with the support of the producer from Tollywood. I am the main character in this film, shot in Bengaluru and Goa. We going to bring the whole world together.” He said.

The Garuda team, with Siddharth Mahesh and Aindrita Ray, spent 10 days in Goa to see the first coastal monsoon in the country. City Express has taken photos of the first players seen, has taken photos on the coast of Goa and is now returning to the city after completing the first program.

Garuda Tamil Dubbed

This story about a character named Vikram who wants to take revenge for crimes that destroy his family and threaten his country. The film released on May 15, 2017 with a serious pooja ceremony. Many guests from Sandalwood attended the ceremony. Regarding the tablet, Srinagar Kitty turned on the Prem Kumar camera and directed the first shot.

Reprogramming is not beneficial for certain artists, so the team runs the risk of filming a scene in the rain. However, it reduced our first rainy season to 10 days and we will photograph the remaining scenes in Goa after we have completed our photos in Bangalore and Mysore, Siddharth added.

When she connected to Garuda, Deepa recognized the message and said: “Garuda a business scenario and I have a good role to play. The team is very interesting. Everyone is excited about the film. They said I should start in a month.”

Garuda Movie Official Trailer

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