Love Mocktail Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Love Mocktail Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Love Mocktail Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is a Kannada romantic dramatic film directed by Krishna in the production of essays and co-produced by Krishna, Milana Nagaraj. The film was released on January 31, 2020. The star of the film is Krishna, Milana Nagaraj in the lead roles.

The Love Mocktail film, produced under the banner of Krishna Talkies from his home, premiered today and Krishna couldn’t have been happier to see what he had brought to the table for his writing. As the title suggests, Love Mocktail is a young romantic drama that follows the character of Krishna at different stages of his life, from the young people in the mid-30s and three to women.

Love Mocktail Movie Story Line

Lead actor Krishna, who got his start as a director, did it and got it right. The film is full of emotions, fresh and they have enough situations for someone to communicate. This film, which lasts almost two and a half hours, can be postponed from time to time, but it has enough content and animated scenes to captivate the story.

The 96-year-old Tamil film had a huge impact on many people, including actor and director Krishna, so Love Mocktail was created. “When I saw the film, I felt that it was not just cinema, but also experience and very realistic,” said Krishna CE before the film was released on January 31. He said.

Although Milana is one of the heroes, this film also shows Amrutha Iyengar and the rookie Rachana. “I wrote a script based on some of my own experiences and what I saw and heard. In many scenes, especially with regard to emotions, the film looks suitable for the audience.

Love Mocktail Tamil Dubbed

This story is set for twenty years and follows the love story of Aadi’s life. The scenes are fun and visual and the music has been added correctly. Krishna also seems to have chosen actors. Raghu Dixit Plays all songs on the album and releases them under the label “Raghu Dixit Music”.

The process of making the Love Taunt Cocktail was incredible, Krishna said, recalling the dialogue in the film Shah Rukh Khan. “The SRK dialog looks like this:” If you have a wish and do something that you like, the whole universe will support you. At first I thought it was just a dialogue, but it has to do with my film.

Amrutha Iyengar is a revelation and she is amazing. Milana Nagaraj performed with an adult performance. Krishna ensured that he remained solid for the task entrusted to him in the attempt at staging. Love Mocktail is not a story that has never been seen before. But this familiarity in the story makes him friendly. If you are a fan of romance or nostalgia, this is definitely a trip to the movies.

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