Gurkha TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Gurkha TamilRockers next Indian Tamil comedy, written and directed by Sam Anton. The film contains Yogi Babu, Elisha Cuthbert and a dog in important roles. The film produced by Sam Anton, with 4 production posters from Monkeys Studios, and the edition taken over by Ruben. The main photo starts in December 2018.

A guard wearing a shielded khukuri strewn with a gnome hat and GURKHA words. After the banner uploaded to Twitter, the stereotype and racist image of the Gorkha community did not go away for visitors and widespread condemnation began when Gorkha responsible for Twitter.

Gurkha Story Line

The following film version of the comic thriller Sam Anton, Gurkha completed with Yogi Babu. Gurkhas film produced by Sam Anton, who carried the flag of Four Monkeys Studios with his friends and who had a foreign ambassador and a Canadian model named Elyssa as a dog. The film supposed to revolve around the kidnapping of the ambassador and Yogi Babu who plays the Gurkha, the Vortex. Gurkha, the music of Raj Aryan, the cinematography of Krishnan Vasanth and the Antony Ruben magazine.

Gurkha Tamilrockres full movie review shows the first exhibition poster of the film published on 15 September 2018 by the actor Sivakarthikeyan. The first folder itself showed that the film was a first summer. The film, Gurkha, implies that the film is based on security forces and is interpreted by Yogi Babu.

Yogi Babu in Gurkha

The women will be foreigners who play the leading role. It’s confirmed that the Canadian model Elyssa, now playing a small role in Sarkar de Vijay, will invent this role. Birinin We chose audition for this special role, and Elyssa chosen only for her acting skills, so she worked as an American ambassador in the film, so we want someone to look like this. Elyssa very good at hearing and we got it right away. Acak Meanwhile, Yogi will be featured in many films such as Babu, Airaa, Kuppathu Raja, Gorilla, 100% Kadhal, Adangathey and Maanik.

Music director Raj Aryan composes the song and the background music for this exciting comedy. Krishnan Vasant and Ruben are the directors of photography and the editors of this film. Dilip Subbarayan has taken a series of actions for this film. Director Sam Anton known for his work in films such as Darling and Enaku Innoru Per Iruku.

Gurkha Movie Official Trailer

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