Hulchul Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Hulchul Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Hulchul Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is new Indian Telugu drama film Directed by Sripathy Karri. The film starring Rudhraksh Utkam, Dhanya Balakrishna, Krishnudu, Madhunandan and Ravi Prakash in the lead roles. In fact, Bharath’s music complements the main movie script and is very good for the movie. In general, Hulchul touches fine plots, but produces a good screen setting.

This film tells a world full of hallucinations and surprises. The trouble started when the hero’s friend gave him a bottle of Hulchul schnapps and a purse with strong side effects. The game starts when you lose your wallet and get in trouble with the bad guys.

Hulchul Movie Story Line

Back from Dubai in India after a long meeting with his mother (Preeti Nigam), Rudra brought tags with codes for expensive transactions from Hawala issued by a bottle of Hulchul and his friend Krishnudu. But it got worse when he drank Hulchul while keeping silent about alcohol. The suffering university in Swathi (Dhanya Balakrishna) began to hallucinate, lost her accounts and followed by bandits in need.

Rudraksh does well in many variations. It is very good at confusing scenes when using foreign drugs. He has a lot of potential and succeeds in this film. Dhanya Balakrishna slowly became a good hero. She not only succeeded in her cute appearance, but also in this film. I hope you have more options in the future.

Hulchul has great leaders such as Dhanya Balakrishna and Rudraksh Utkam. They both play their part very well and make the film visible. The film is full of situational comedies and contains elements that immediately make you laugh. Sripathy Karri did a great job of creating a comedy comedy. Dhanya Balakrishna started her career in the Tamil web series and slowly became a versatile actress with her role. He created his own dialogue brand and received a ranking for his films.

Hulchul Tamil Dubbed

However, this film was delayed somewhat due to repetitive scenes. The landscape between Rudraksh and Preeti Nigam caused boredom and Dhanya’s performance improved. Despite its flaws, Hulchul is well worth a visit as it tries to tell a different story. If you’re someone who likes an exciting drama, try this weekend.

Bharat’s music is quite good because the songs and notes are impressive. The arrangement was awful as it was easy to shorten almost ten minutes. The camera work in this low-budget film is quite good, but the art direction and production design are good. The dialogues are boring and the script is the biggest negative of the director’s film because there is no punch.

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