Irumbu Manithan TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Irumbu Manithan TamilRockers

Irumbu Manithan TamilRockers is a Tamil drama film written and directed by Disney. The film starring Santhosh Prathap, Ganja Karuppu, Madhusudhan Rao and Anitha Sampath in the lead roles. The film was produced by Joseph Baby and the music was K.S. composed by Michelj.

This film is a community lesson about what someone should be like. Irumbu Manithan is a good movie to watch this weekend. Money generally outdoes love and the director has a valid scene.

Irumbu Manithan Movie Story Line

The story actually comes from honest and determined people in the ups and downs and ultimately influenced by greed, lust and betrayal. It clear that animated stories integrated into this plot, but Disney’s writings not creative and relate to the publication of other films from Aarilirunthu Arubadhuvarai to Annamalai, Muthu, Azhagan and Vaanathai Pola. They were better managed.

Irumbu Manithan movie Santhosh the owner of the hotel and is interested in cooking. He adopted two children and took care of them. Meanwhile, meet a mentally disabled pregnant woman. He died after birth and Santhosh also had to take care of the child. Karuppu Pot, who flew to the hotel, found a job there and helped Santhosh. Madhusoodhanan tries to get a gangster and the Santhosh hotel.

What we have is an extreme melodramatic film that is just as elastic as the Sundott slogans. Because this a character-based movie, we expected the character to released correctly for Sundharam, but we got a wild jump that didn’t make sense. Your character unfolds almost immediately from top to bottom. The director means that trust is the best partner and that you should not trust anyone. The music and cinematography are pretty good.

Santhosh Prathap in Irumbu Manithan

Santhosh did a great job. Your body language matches your role. Ganja Karuppu cannabis impresses with its proven appearance. Other stars given to the given character. Good script and good execution. Santhosh Prathap sincere and his relationship with Adam Cuma, played by Ganja Karuppu, very attractive, and that the only reason why we survived to the end.

At least you can count on the first raise, because Disney spends saving the first half. But the fall and rise came from one piece. Irumbu Manithan film There is at least one song that shows such a transformation in older movies, but we don’t have a song that causes troublesome problems. This film shows how a man can have a soft heart, and also how a man can have an iron heart.

Irumbu Manithan Official Trailer

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