Kannai Nambathey TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Kannai Nambathey TamilRockers also the thriller of the upcoming Tamil Indian series written and directed by Mu. Maran. The most important photography of the film began on 11 February 2019.

Aathmika Murukku-Fame, from Meesaya, attracted Udhay’s romantic attention to the film, making Sathish an important actor. Sam CS from Vikram Vedha-Fame is connected to make music for this film and Sridhar makes a camera.

Kannai Nambathey Story Line

The release of the film took place at the beginning of January 2019 during the screening of Udhayanidhi, directed by Kannai Nambathey. The name of the film comes from a number that published in 1975 in Ninaithadhai Mudippavan.

I asked him to continue with the text by Kannai Nambathey and I very satisfied with Udhayanidhi Stalin. Pak nodded after he heard the script. Of course he was an important player and he expects a unique content from the audience. It gives me the responsibility to do my best.

“I see this film as a nervous thriller with a strong emotional connection,” said Maran about the film. When I wrote the first project, I knew that Udhayanidhi Pak would be the right choice for this project. “The whole story revolves around the actions of the character and will be the best experience for viewers.”

Kannai Nambathey Tamilrockres full movie review Reveal Udhayanidhi Stalin awaits the launch of the management company Kanne Kalaimaane, Seenu Ramasamy, which will start on February 22. It said that this film  national emotional animator. He has also had Angel and Psiko work in various stages of production.

Kannai Nambaathey produced by VN Ranjith Kumar under the title Lipi Cine Krafts and performed with the music of Sam CS and the cinematography of Sridhar’s famous Perumal Pararyum. The whole story revolves around the character’s actions and you will have a first-class experience.

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