Kettavanu Per Edutha Nallavanda TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Kettavanu Per Edutha Nallavanda TamilRockers is a new Tamil romantic comedy written and directed by Prabhu Ram C with the director’s first release. The film plays a major role in Mahat Raghavendra and Aishwarya Dutta, while Yogi Babu, Rajendran and supporting roles in the film. The most important photography of the film starts in December 2018.

Mahat is a young northern Madras who tries to impress a rich girl. The contrast between the characters will be interesting. Daha Regarding the lead role: “I want a person similar to GV Prakash and, after seeing Bigg Boss, I feel better at Mahat. I also found Aishwarya Dutta interesting because she was effectively present in the series.

Kettavanu Per Edutha Nallavanda Story Line

Aishwarya Dutta from West Bengal made his debut with Tamilukku Yen Ondrai Azhuthavum. The actor gets a second chance to experience his acting career with the Bigg Boss show. Mahat recently recruited to take over the new Tamil version of Telugu superstar Attarintiki Daredi, who introduced Simbu as a leader.

The announcement of the film on the publication of Mahat Raghavendra in this film announced in November 2018, after the final breakthrough of his career with the participation of Bigg Boss Tamil in his second season in 2018. The producer also linked to Aishwarya Dutta’s love from one of Mahat’s friends, Mahat, during the second season of Bigg Boss, where Aishwarya was accidentally second in the series.

Mahat Raghavendra in Kettavanu Per Edutha Nallavanda

Kettavanu Per Edutha Nallavanda Tamilrockres full movie review found The first shows the director strongly criticized by the audience for his lazy work because it resulted in a plagiarism that it resembled a star in Vishal. In addition, movie posters saw the discussion after people had seen a group of dancers in the background of a poster, having noted that it was a direct copy of a song by film star Vishal-Star Kathakali.

For fun common for the poster to be added to the poster for whatever reason. Mahat was a close friend of Simbu and also played in Simbu’s previous “AAA”. Ini We have 15 days to finish a song to record in Courtallam, “the director said. The Talkie part is almost complete.

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