Mayabazar 2016 Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Mayabazar 2016 Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Mayabazar 2016 Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is a Kannada comedy crime film written and directed by Radhakrishna Reddy. The film starring Raj B. Shetty, Vasishta Simha, Achyuth Kumar, Prakash Raj and Chaithra Rao in the lead roles. Produced by Ashwini Puneeth, Rajkumar and M Govinda and Music composed by Midhun Mukundan.

While the first production work continues, Puneeth Rajkumar prepares for the next floor. The film, which will be released on January 24, is called Maya Market. Raj B Shetty plays an important role in this film. He will also play an important role in Prakash Raj ,Vashista Simha and Sadhu Kokila.

Mayabazar 2016 Movie Story Line

An honest police officer and a fraudster cross the intersection when they urgently need money. When more characters enter the stage, there is confusion and chaos. There are several films about demonization in Kannada. Unfortunately, none of them made a good impression.

Many people are waiting for this film. A television star with Shetty, Chaitra Rao, Sudharani, Prakash Rai, Sadhukokila and Achyut Kumar. The dialogue in the book surprising, written by director Radhakrishna Reddy, who waiting for the first attempt. Mithun Mukundan composed the music for this film. The progress of the movie “Mayabazar”, which contains many interesting elements, was published on YouTube in less than an hour.

There is M Govindu as a partner of “Mayabazar”. History should be the first for me. If you only get a good story, the subject of the possible narrative novel gets a platform. Thanks to a friend of my family, I heard a story about the civil engineer Radhakrishna, who made several short films. I heard the script as an audience. Television, voice-over, etc. I am not in favor of other rights. I told the filmmakers that they should not trust such things.

Mayabazar 2016 Tamil Dubbed

The money was actually from the corrupt AKP officer Ashok (Prakash Raj), he knew the raid was bad and started investigating it. Joseph said the CBI invasion has changed old records for anyone who needs new money everywhere, and the famous company Pataki Paandu (Saadhu kokila) is planning the burglary at home, but the plan failed. Raji left the group for his future, and Joseph turned around honestly and gave money to Ashok.

Puneeth recently shared a dance video from the Minneapolis dance group with the main song of the film. The actress also said the film will screened in the United States on March 6. The funny video becomes viral because it published by an actor who showed great dance moves in the film. The film released on February 28, 2020 and distributed by Sri Vajreshwari Combos.

Technically sound in terms of film, script, cinematography and background scores. While the first half is a windy watch, the emotional content slows down in the second half. Although Mayabazar 2016 is definitely one of the best comedies that has recently been released and is worth a visit to the films.

Mayabazar 2016 Movie Official Trailer

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