Traffic Ramasamy TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Traffic Ramasamy TamilRockers

Traffic Ramasamy TamilRockers is an Indian Tamil biographical drama film co-written and directed by Vicky. The film starring S. A. Chandrasekhar, Rohini, Manobala, R. K. Suresh, Prakash Raj, Livingston, and Ambika in the lead roles. This film’s Special appearances are Vijay Sethupathi, Vijay Antony, Kushboo, Kasthuri, Seeman, and S. Ve. Shekher. Music composed by Balamurali Balu and Cinematography by Kugan S. Palani.

I like it or hate it, but you can’t ignore it. Rather, this rule applied to Ramasamy Traffic, a name synonymous with social struggles. 27-year-old Vicky makes her directorial debut with a biographical film about Ramasamy. In a free chat with CE, rookie director Vicky said it a proud moment not only for him but for the entire production unit, Traffic Ramasamy ready for release on June 22.

Traffic Ramasamy Movie Story Line

Ramaswamy (S.A. Chandrasekhar) was killed by a motorized fishing wagon, then killed with foam and left for dead in a ditch. Then we enter his family to meet his wife (Rohini), his son-in-law (Chetan), and his grandchildren who admire every step.

Ramaswamy’s 75th birthday celebrated at home, and when the call to cut the cake came, he suddenly took part in the demonstration against Tasmac, who threatening to jump from the top of the building, and the authorities went to him and closed the shop.

The story then continues with other demonstrations of activists and the frequency with which they struck. The MLA proposed a PIL to apply for a ban on “Meen body wand in Tamil” with rules to end the investigator, political leader, and mayor.

With the video, the film looks like a promising drama with elements of action, tension, and emotion. The biographical film seems to have captured many important events in Ramasamy’s life, which widely known for offering most legal proceedings.

Interestingly, the trailer has an interrupted cameo from Vijay Sethupathi. In the voice explanation, director Shankar announced that he wanted to make the story of Traffic Ramaswamy together with the big star Rajinikanth.

S. A. Chandrasekhar in Traffic Ramasamy

In the early ’80s, when SAC made a name for itself, most of the films released were sloppy commercial actresses or hardcore family dramas. Chandrasekhar came forward for films that attempted to challenge the law, police procedures, corruption, and pressure from women and less qualified people in the formula. The advertisements of Naan Sigappu Manithan, Rajini, and Bhagyaraj and the advertisements with him always show the strengths of ordinary people who must be vigilant by politicians: the Nexus police.

SA Chandrashekar, which bears a striking resemblance to the real Ramaswamy trade, fulfills its role with its energy performance. Rohini is good like his wife. The camera cells were Vijay Sethupathi, Seeman, Vijay Antony, Kushbhu, and Prakash Raj. In the name of the trade, director Vicky has received a few movie freedoms, especially on the scene of the court where Ambika (judge judging) was presented as a ridiculous and downright disappointing clown.

Traffic Ramasamy Official Trailer

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