Parris Jeyaraj TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Parris Jeyaraj TamilRockers

Parris Jeyaraj TamilRockers is a new Tamil comedy film directed by Johnson K and produced by K. Kumar under Lark Studios. Play as Santhanam and Anaika Soti in lead roles alongside other artists. He was responsible for the music of Santhosh Narayanan by Parris Jeyaraj and the editing of the film Prakash Mabbu. The film is scheduled for release in January 2021.

Parris Jeyaraj is a movie that released in Tamil. Produced by Lark Studios. The release date of the film is January 2021. The film is currently in post-production. The author and director of this movie are Johnson K.

Actor Santhanam’s movie “Parris Jeyaraj TamilRockers” with the director “A1: Defendant # 1″, upcoming starring Johnson K. The first poster of the movie shows Santhanam as the singer. Interestingly, the title suggests that the film was likely the work of famed K-Town music composer Harris Jeyaraj.

Parris Jeyaraj Movie Story Line

The film features Anaika Soti as one of the main characters known to star in such films as Kaaviya Thalaivan and Semma Botha Aagathey. Includes music by composer A1 Santhosh Narayanan and photos by Arthur A Wilson, whose filmography includes Naan Kadavul and Avan Ivan. Although this movie actually qualifies as a gangster movie, at first glance, it looks like a fun artist with both title and poster.

The film will hit the screens in January, with the film’s post-production in full swing and only a few days left to run. Santhanam is one of the few players to have implemented a post-COVID lockdown. Kannan’s movie “Biskoth” recently released for Diwali.

We previously announced that Santhanam would be meeting with manager Johnson, who will work with him for A1 last year. They had started shooting before they were locked up. We now know that this movie called Paris Jeyaraj. The first preview of the movie was released today with an actor holding a microphone.

Anaika Soti and Sastika Rajendran, of Kaaviya Thalaivan fame, played the female lead in Parris Jeyaraj, while Rajendran played a lead role in the film. Santhosh Narayanan, who composed the music for A1, is also the music director.

Santhanam and Anaika Soti in Parris Jeyaraj

The film shows Santhanam as the lead singer of Gaana in Namma Parry’s Corner. This film about what happens when a Gaana singer falls in love and has a hard time in her life. Anaika Soti and video jockey Sastika appear to be leading female roles in the film, and Pudhupettai Prudhvi Raj’s fame plays a notable role.

Includes music by composer A1 Santhosh Narayanan and photos by Arthur A Wilson, whose filmography includes Naan Kadavul and Avan Ivan. The film released in January.

Anaika Soti and Sastika Rajendran from “Kee“, “Kaaviya Thalaivan” and “Semma Botha Aagathey” play the female roles in the lead roles. Santhosh Narayanan composed the music and cinematography for Arthur A Wilson and Prakash K Mabbu as editors.

The “Parris Jeyaraj TamilRockers” team plans to release a video trailer in the coming days. It will hit theaters in January as post-production continues.

The other members of the technical team are Arthur A. Wilson (photo), G. Durai Raj (artistic director), Prakash Mabbu (editor), Hari Dinesh (stuntman), and Sandy Master (dance choreographer). Kaaviya Thalaivan and Semma Botha Aagathey from the famous Anaika Soti will play the main female roles in this actress. The creators have announced that Parris Jeyaraj released a month later, in January 2021. It looks like the producers are in the final stages of production and plan to release the film early.

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