Dikkiloona TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Dikkiloona TamilRockers

Dikkiloona TamilRockers is a new Indian Tamil sci-fi romantic comedy film written and directed by Karthik Yogi. The main characters play Santhanam, Anagha, and Shirin Kanchwala in the film, while Yogi Babu, Harbhajan Singh, Rajendran, and Anandaraj play supporting roles.

The trailer of actor Santhanam with “Dikkiloona TamilRockers”  released. Santhanam was stunned by the welcome from the caravan and thanked his fans for the great success. The trailer surpassed 5 million views in just two days.

The first poster of the exhibition shows Santhanam playing three roles in “Dikkilona TamilRockers”. The trailer shows that the film is based on time travel. This film describes Santhanam’s journey through time, using a time machine to change his future by ending the marriage. Yogi Babu plays an important role as the scientist who invented the time machine.

Dikkiloona Movie Story Line

We previously reported that Santhanam will star in a science fiction movie called Dikkiloona TamilRockers. The word Dikkilona is a word coined by the successful comedy duo Goundamani and Senthil in the movie Gentleman. Santhanam will play a trio action role in this movie and the script looks difficult. The last member of the film is the former Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh.

Produced by Balloon Director KS Sinish under the title Soldiers Factory in association with KJR Studios. The film, directed by Karthik Yogi, will begin filming in November and will be screened in April. 2020. The filmmakers have made an official statement about a returning star who has pledged to star in the film.

Now the team has announced that Natpe Thunai’s famous Anagha and Shirin Kanchwala, known as Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja, will star in the film.

Directed by dialogue writer and filmmaker Karthik Yogi, Dikkiloona is a time-traveling comedy starring Santhanam in three roles of hero, comedian, and villain. Co-produced by KJR Studios and Soldiers Factory, the film will also star actors including Munishkanth, Anand Raj, Yogi Babu, Rajendran, and Nizhalgal Ravi.

Santhanam and Anagha in Dikkiloona

The team announced that Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh has been added to its roster. He hid the team’s character. The trailer ends with three different Santhanams from the past, present, and future.

Santhanam linked to playing three roles in the film as the lead actor, antagonist, and comedian. It is also Santhanam’s first three-reel feature. Director R. Kannan started shooting for the film after finishing his role as Biskoth. The main shooting of the film began in November 2019.

Anagha, who stars in Natpe Thunai, stars as Shirin Kanchwala. In October 2019, producers announced that former Indian cricket player Harbhajan Singh will play a supporting role in the film. Harbhajan finally made his Kollywood debut with the project. Harbhajan Singh started filming his own episode of the movie in December 2019.

Yuvan Shankar Raja‘s musical Dikkiloona will hit theaters in April.

“Ever since Chennai joined the Super Kings team, Harbhajan Singh has loved Tamils”. I thought someone like Harbhajan would be suitable for the role in Dikkilona.  So, I got in touch with him through Saravanan Pandian, A friend of Harbhajan. I said the script and it really started. Yes. “It’s an important part. If you watch the movie, you will understand why we include it. ”

The crew will start filming in November. “Harbhajan will join the team in December,” said Karthik. The success of the Santhanam brand works well. This movie looks like a fun adventure rollercoaster. Let’s wait !!

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