Upside Down Magic Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Upside Down Magic Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

Boys and Girls I rarely revise the original Disney Channel movies because most of them aren’t worth it or don’t care about me. However, as no new movies will be released in the future, now is a great time to watch an original Disney Channel movie, and it looks like a new movie has been released. Here is my review of the last movie. Enjoy the original Disney Channel movie “Upside Down Magic Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers”.

The film stars Izabela Rose as Nory Horace, Siena Agudong as Reina Carvajal and Vicki Lewis, director of the Knightslinger School. The film also stars Kyle Howard as Budd Skriff, Elie Samouhi as Elliot Cohen, Alison Fernandez as Pepper, Max Torina as Andres Padillo, Cynthia Kaye McWilliams as Professor Argon, Elaine Kao as Professor Han, Yasmeen Fletcher as Chandra and Amitai Marmorstein. teacher. Lewis and Callum Seagraim Arlie, Phillip.

Upside-Down Magic Movie Story Line

Elinor “Friends of Nory” Boxwood-Horace and Reina Carvajal enroll in Sage Academy and show teachers their skills so they can be divided into magical classes.

While Reina was assigned to the Flare class, Nory was accepted into the Knightslinger School’s reverse magic program under the direction of Budd Skriff. There were students with imperfect skills in this program because the headmaster knight saw them as easy targets for shadow magic, an evil force that uses its own magic to fight others.

While Nory and his friends plan to hone their skills, the Knightslinger School headmistress doesn’t realize Shadow Magic has a way to please unlikely students. Reina finds a book about shadow magic and, without knowing the legend of shadow magic that Nory and the other Upside-Down Magic Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers taught her, she shapes the book and finds a page about building magic skills. Reina read the page because her genius despised her more than she did.

The next day, Reina prepares for Founder’s Day, where Reina will face off against her more powerful colleagues in Flares. Reina’s strength is incredibly strong and can be a push. Nory tries to stop the competition by turning into a kitten, becoming a bird-like hybrid instead. Reina used Nory’s favorite rocket gesture, but it nearly burned Nory because Reina’s power had increased tremendously.

Upside-Down Magic Tamil Dubbed

Reina meets Chandra, a colleague of Flare’s who believes in Reina’s abilities. The Book of Shadow Magic appeared after Reina left, and Reina told Chandra to bring the book. Chandra takes it, but reappears in Reina’s room.Chandra berates Reina and takes her back. In the end, UDM managed to rescue Reina and bring her back to normal.

The characters in this movie are so boring and unattractive that I find it hard to keep it up. This is probably the biggest problem with the movie as it is very character based. This character or make it interesting things will fall apart, which is a shame because this movie . Can play in the role-playing movie, but you’re not paying attention to interesting characters or to make sure that the public cares about them enough to see if they are successful.

Overall, I can’t say this is a good movie or a good Disney Channel original movie, that’s to be expected. Yes, there are some good things in this movie, but there are many more. there are bad things in it. In movies like this, this movie gets 5 out of 10 from me and that’s very good value for money.

All images used in this review are from the Disney Fandom Wiki page or the Reverse Magic Fandom Wiki page. I have to say that the high definition photos are probably the best for the whole movie. I want and can say it is wrong. It looks like an image spoiler, but I didn’t use this image in this review.

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