Yaman TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Yaman TamilRockers

Yaman TamilRockers is an Tamil India political action thriller film written and directed by Jeeva Shankar in 2017. Co-produced by Lyca Productions and Vijay Antony Film Company, the film features Vijay Antony and Miya in the lead roles, while Thiagarajan plays other important characters. The film, starring Jeeva Shankar and Vijay Antony as a cameraman and composer, released on February 24, 2017 with the release of Telugu.

Based on Pichaikaran’s success in Tamil and Telugu, actress and songwriter Vijay Antony is about to release Diwali with a thriller “Saithan, Yeni directed by newcomer Pradeep. Even when” Saithan “went to the movies, Vijay Antony worked with Director Jeeva Shankar in “Yaman.” This film considered a thriller of political action and in the final phase of the film.

Yaman Movie Story Line

At the start of the film, Devarakonda Gandhi (Vijay Antony) killed by his rivals who fear that his position in danger if he wants to develop into politics. Years later, when his son Ashok Chakravarthy (now Vijay Antony) arrested for beating someone on the street, he accidentally politicized him in the hazy world behind the scenes.

The score and the music of the film composed by Vijay Antony. The song “Yem Mela Kai Vachaa Gaali” released in September 2016 as a single during the Kovai match in the Tamil Nadu Premier League against Cheiuk in Tirvaeleli. This album released on February 4, 2017 by Lyca Music.

The first film by Jeeva Shakar Naan (including the actor role of Vijay Antonius) caught everyone’s attention. The deputy director / cameraman of the late Jeeva started calling his teacher by name. He is now ready to release his third film, Yeman. And he didn’t work with his old friend Vijay Antony.

Vijay Antony in Yaman

At the beginning of the film, Arivudai Nambi (Vijay Antony) killed by rivals who fear that his position will compromised if he wants to grow in politics. Years later, when his son Tamilarasan (Vijay Antony) arrested for hitting someone in the street, he wrongly behind the scenes of the dark political world. He had two enemy political gangsters, who brought him closer to Karunakaran (Thiagarajan), his own political weight.

which choreographed by the sheriff. Apparently the choreographer used traditional Georgian dance moves in the recorded song at exotic locations of the country. Another important feature of this issue is the new version of Vijay Antonius, which is different from what we saw in this issue.

Yaman Movie Official Trailer

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