Ayngaran TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Ayngaran TamilRockers

Ayngaran TamilRockers is an Indian Tamil social action drama film directed byRavi Arasu. The film ststarring G.V. Prakash Kumar and Mahima Nambiar in the lead. The film production started in January 2017.

Even G.V. Prakash Kumar made a score for ‘Ayngaran’. Saravanan Abimanyu investigated the cinematography of the film. King Muhammad saw his cutting experience in the film.

Ayngaran Movie Story Line

The most important women’s project is now complete. The fame of ‘Sattai’ has been officially confirmed by the fact that Mahima Nambiar will interpret the love of the GVP for ‘Ayngaran’. This film was made by B. Ganesh from Common Man Pictures. As mentioned earlier, director Ravi Arasu, who made his debut with the popular sports action film “Eetti”, currently working with G.V.ashash Kumar on his second film as a leading man.

This GV film Prakash Kumar and Mahima Nambiar speaks about experienced mechanical engineers. “Graduates in mechanical engineering can do light work if they choose to go abroad, but even if it’s a bad option, some people want their talents to benefit our people and our country.

In early November 2016, director Ravi Arasu announced his collaboration with G. V. Prakash Kumar for his second film as a director in a company produced by Rajiv Menon. Prakash Kumar confirmed that he would make a film for the film with his involvement with 4G and Adangathey.

G.V. Prakash Kumar in Ayngaran

The production of the film began on January 6, 2017 with the release of billboards and Madonna Sebastian named the lead actress. Because of the busy schedule of Madonna.

The directors announced that Madonna Sebastian would play a leading role in women for the first time, but directors Mahima Nambiar signed for the role. Besides the main actor of the film, we can also see the actors of the landscape Siddhartha Shankar and Ravi Venkatraman.

The name of the action player and his first appearance will revealed at an event organized by Pongal. Almost sources show that the film will make Madonna Sebastian a hero. Madonna is waiting for the release of Kavan, G.V. Prakash for the first time.

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