Bhaagamathie TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Bhaagamathie TamilRockers

Bhaagamathie TamilRockers is an Indian Tamil horror film written and directed by G. Ashok. Music composed by S. Thaman and Cinematography by R. Madhi. The film starring Anushka Shetty, Murali Sharma, Asha Sharath, Jayaram, Unni Mukundan, and Dhanraj in the lead roles. This film Release date 26 January 2018.

Ashok says no one can draw Bhaagamathy’s diary better than Shetty. “First of all, he would like to get the character card,” said Ashok. “She will only act if she is clear. I have never seen her commitment. No one will think of her except Anushka, especially when we have to show a queen on the screen.”

Bhaagamathie Movie Story Line

The film opens with a scene that shows many people are mysteriously murdered. The film will then take place in Eashwar Prasad (Jayaram), a politician who has promised to resign if the government fails to take the stolen idols for six months. He won the hearts of the crowd. He also angered his political rivals who planned to destroy his credibility with the help of IWC co-director Vaishnavi Natarajan (Asha Sharath) and the Deputy Police Commissioner of Sampath (Murali Sharma).

Anushka star Shetty Bhaagamathie is the newest member of the Telugu film camp. It shows a destroyed house, a young woman haunted by ghosts, a terrible mood, a backstory in the stomach, and finally a message. about the bad people hiding in a church. But it’s also a movie that finds interesting ways to tackle socio-political issues in the horror thriller and other hard-to-find movies.

The two plans include interrogating Eashwar’s close friend IAS Chanchala (Anushka Shetty) in prison for murdering his fiancée Shakthi (Unni Mukundan). In order not to raise any doubts, they decided to take him to the bungalow in Bhaagamathie for questioning. Suddenly the lampposts broke out and the Lingamurthy (Dhanraj) police shouted. Locals fear the bungalow and pretend to be chased.

Anushka Shetty in Bhaagamathie

Anushka Shetty‘s films increasingly given the same title in Tamil. UV Creations funded the original version and published it in Green Films Studio Tamil Nadu. The movie directed by Ashok, the movie Mathie and the musical composition directed by S. Thaman. Suriya and Ramya Krishnan attended the sound launch in Chennai.

The producers turned to him and he was quite positive about the cinema. The director will tell him the story soon. It’s almost over, ‘says Anushka director. The actress immediately confirmed this, because she had previously worked with the producers and had a good relationship with them. While the film gathered around Anushka, the best actors tied to play male balls. The film will screen in May.

Bhaagamathie Official Trailer

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