Dagaalty TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Dagaalty TamilRockers

Dagaalty TamilRockers is a Tamil action film directed by Vijay Anand. Dagaalty, also known as Dagalty, The film starring Santhanam, Rittika Sen and Yogi Babu in the lead roles.

The poster shows Santhanam, which looks elegant and long and illuminates Cigerette. A new comic actor who has changed the hero film ‘Dagaalty’ by Santhanam has appeared.

Dagaalty Movie Story Line

Led by former assistant Shankar Vijay Anand, the most wanted comedy actor Yogi Babu also plays an important role in the film.

Rittika Sen, produced by SP Chowdhary by the producers of Santhanam, Handmade Films and 18 Makara, sings Santhanam in Dagaalty and Vijay Narain during the musical composition.

Santhanam produced by Handmade Films and 18 manufacturers of Roller SP Chowdhary. It was led by former Shankar’s assistant, Vijay Anand. The poster shows Santhanam, which looks elegant and long and illuminates Cigerette.

In addition to Dagaalty, he also signed a contract with Santhanam beginner Johnson “A1” and director R Kannan, who directed films such as Settai and Jayam Kondaan.

Santhanam will release a new film on Thursday and publish its first online exhibition poster. This poster, entitled Dagaalty, shows Santhanam in an exhibition style. The first appearance created a lot of hope among cinema visitors.

Meanwhile, Santhanam recently started photographing for his next film with director Kannan. He also used Silambam for the film.

For the last time viewed in A1, this player also has Server Sundaram and Dikkiloona servers in preparation. The latter contains a composition in three phases.

Santhanam and Rittika Sen in Dagaalty

Dagaalty is directed by Vijay Anand, co-director of Shankar. The film co-financed by 18 SP Chowdhary roles in collaboration with Handmade Film Santhanam.

In this film, she has to play the lead role of Yogi Babu as a comedian. Dagaalty contains the music of Vijay Narain and the cinematography of Dipak Kumar Padhy.

The camera of Dagaalty directed by Deepak Kumar Padhy. TS Suresh and Shobi responsible for editing and choreography. Singer Vijaynarain has joined Dagaalty as Music Director.

The first poster of the next film now available and called Dagaalty. The poster offers a great style and looks like Santhanam and it looks like an action-packed and fun film.

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