Mandela TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Mandela TamilRockers

Mandela TamilRockers is an new Tamil drama film written and directed by Madonna Ashwin. The Mandela film was produced by S. Sashikanth and Balaji Mohan and includes Yogi Babu. Music director Bharathi Shankar composed the song and the briefing note for this film. Vidhu Ayyanna made a camera and the drama directed by Philomin Raj. Filming starts on July 23, 2019. The first appearance of this film is like a story of Barber in the city.

Famous director Maari Balaji Mohan recently became a producer and announced the production company Open Window. The young director also announced that he would produce feature films. Directed by Yogi Babu and the newbie Madonna Ashwin in the lead role of the movie “Mandela”.

Mandela Movie Story Line

Mandela presents Yogi Babu as a director and directed by Madonna Ashwin, who recently won the National Award for her short film Dharmam. The first film of the film published on social media with the hairline, scissors, comb and razor from Yogi Babu. At first glance, Yogi Babu Mandela also looks like a hairdresser.

The first mosaics and posters of the film published today. This banner has a hairdresser with comb, razor and scissors. It seems that Yogi Babu can invent the role of hairdresser in this film.

The latest version released by Balaji Mohan, the sequel to the 2015 Maari film, released last year and opened at the box office. Balaji Mohan debuted with Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi in 2012, followed by Vaaya Moodi Pesuvom, Love Failure in Telaya and Samsaaram Aarogyathinu Haanikaram in Malayalam.

Yogi Babu in Mandela

The technical department directs the cinematography of Vidhu Ayyanna and the edition of Philomin Raj. This film contains music from Bharath Sankar.

After playing Lord Yama in Dharmaprabhu Tamil, he played a key role in the new Tamil film Gurkha. Led by Sam Anton, Anand Raj, Livingstone, Manobala, Charlie and Mayilsami. Raj Aryan composed the music and Krishnan Vasanth directed the camera. The film made by Anton and his friends under the flag of Four Monkeys.

Yogi Babu plays an important role in Mandela and directs the new film by Madonna Ashwin. Vidhu Ayyanna makes a camera for this film, Philomin Raj will have to heal the wounds and Bharath Shankar will compose music. Balaji expected to announce the Mandela band, which considered a permanent casting and fun oddities.

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