Mercury TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Mercury TamilRockers

Mercury TamilRockers is an Indian Tamil horror thriller film written and directed by Karthik Subbaraj from 2018. Although producers of ‘silent films’ speak, it is actually a film without dialogue. It stars an ensemble cast including Prabhu Deva, Sananth Reddy, Narendran, Deepak Paramesh, Shashank Purushotham, Anish Padmanabhan, Indhuja Ravichandran and Gajaraj.

S. Tirru worked as a cameraman and worked with Subbaraj for the first time. The trailer was released on April 10, 2018. The film released worldwide on April 13, 2018, with the exception of Tamil Nadu, broadcast on April 20, 2018.

Mercury Movie Story Line

“Mercury” is sold as a “silent movie”, but it is not really quiet. The soundtrack is full of realistic sounds and the musical notes of Santhosh Narayanan are rich in atmosphere. It’s just a movie nobody’s talking about. The opening of half an hour with an evening of heavy metal and Indian dance is more than a test, because the film has no subtitles and we have to know what the characters say.

Five old friends who had prevented by mercury poisoning in the city came together for conversations at high schools. But the disaster and the accident of the party brought him to hell. “Mercury” is the first silent film of Indian cinema, but it is far from the heart that we are looking for.

After an impressive appearance in films such as “Pizza”, “Jigarthanda” and “Iraivi”, the director Karthik Subbaraj will use the megaphone during his next attempt in the role of “Mercury”. The icon / actress / director of the Indian dance Prabhu Deva will the star of this highly anticipated film.

Prabhu Deva in Mercury

An interesting update is that this film will not only broadcast in Tamil, but also in Hindi. Since Prabhu Deva is a famous name in the Bollywood apartment, this seems like a good move. The story of the modern age begins when five friends find themselves in an apparently rented house after an event organized by the elderly.

“Mercury” is based on codaikal mercury poisoning, which requires the lives of the local population. Thiru Santhosh is the winner of the Narayanan National Award and also has a strong technical team of filmmakers and composers. The film also plays a role in supporting Indhuja, Sanath Reddy and Deepak Ramesh.

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