Miga Miga Avasaram TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Miga Miga Avasaram TamilRockers

Miga Miga Avasaram TamilRockers is an next Tamil drama film directed by Suresh Kamatchi and written by Jagan, Suresh Kamatchi. The film actors are Sri Priyanka, Seeman, Harish, Muthuraman, Ramdoss, Linga, Aravindh, Saravana Shakti and V.K. Sundar, Guna and Vetri Kumaran.

The soundtrack of Miga Miga Avasaram, Ishaan Dev and the cinematography of Balabharani, play the film by R. Sudarshan.

A police officer has difficulty keeping the call of nature and his duties in balance. Miga Miga Avasaram, the first Suresh Kamatchi producer to produce Maanadu, is a film that has been honored by many renowned film makers in Kollywood and is far too late.

Miga Miga Avasaram Movie Story Line

Imagine a situation where you have to respond to nature’s call, but you cannot move a little according to the nature of the work that has been entrusted to you. Imagine, it’s a woman and she trains in a stifling heat. This is the main idea of ​​the movie Suresh Kamatchi, which bears the title Miga Miga Avasaram.

Miga Miga Avasaram deals with police and police women, their problems and daily problems, their efforts to maintain public order by following the instructions of their superiors and controlling their own needs and responsibilities. He wants.

The story is strange, but it can be written as a drama that can be seen if the storyline is interesting enough. Unfortunately, the sequence of events lacks depth and is widespread in the cinema where shorts can be.

Sri Priyanka and Seeman in Miga Miga Avasaram

Negligence is another reason why the idea is not working properly. We also see antisocial elements that try to damage the temple area, but this has not been thoroughly investigated.

Miga Miga Avasaram plays the main character of Sri Priyanka, as well as Muthuraman, Harish, Ramdoss, Linga, Aravind and Saravana Shakthi, and has a special appearance from director Seeman. Miga Miga Avasaram produced by Suresh Kamatchi and director Vetrimaran, who performed the music and hits by Ishaan Dev on October 11.

Miga Miga Avasaram Official Trailer

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