Thavam TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Thavam TamilRockers

Thavam TamilRockers is an upcoming Tamil drama film written and directed by R Vijay Anand and AR Suriyan. The Thavam film was shown by Vasi Asif in the poster of Ashif Film International and played alongside Singam Puli, Black Pandi, Bose Venkat, Santhana Bharathi, Seeman and Cool Suresh.

Music director Srikanth Deva composed the song and the score for this film. P. Velmuragan and S. P. Ahamed are both producers and editors of this film.

Thavam Movie Story Line

Fate gathered twenty childhood friends twenty years later, but one of them determined to avenge the other two to avenge his father’s death. Focus on what the government should do to ensure that farmers are not discussed by their country’s politicians.

The real estate boom of the mid-1990s does not forgive even the most remote villages. Seeman is a political activist, filmmaker and actor and a well-known competitor of this expansion of farmland. Thavam primarily a love story between two childhood friends (played by Pooja Sri and Vasi). The story begins when the hero of the film tells his love to his fiancé. The following is a long comeback with another comeback.

The player now plays a role in the version of Thavam on Friday and deals with this theme. The film with Seeman in a song by Srikanth Deva, has Vasi and Pooja Sree as main character. The Thavam duo performed by R Vijay Anand and AR Sooriyan, and the first said they were trying to present “serious problems with the right dose”.

Seeman in Thavam

Unfortunately, there no audience involved in the story because it had no depth. Apart from the main character, the other artists have no influence: the comic scenes not effective, the songs become useless and the emotional scenes do not create empathy.

The rotation associated with the antagonist and the character leaves no trace. The film is also quite long and after a while he puts our patience to the test. It is not interesting to edit scenes, which makes matters worse.

Twenty years later, three friends joined the group, but one of them determined to take revenge for the other two because of the death of his father. Srikanth Deva music composed the film. Seeman said that he became water and tired during the next world war.

Thavam Official Trailer

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