Yung Mung Sung TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Yung Mung Sung TamilRockers

Yung Mung Sung TamilRockers is a new Indian Tamil drama and comedy film written and directed by Mr. S. Arjun. The film starring Prabhu Deva, Lakshmi Menon was chosen as the lead roles, Thangar Bachan and RJ Balaji played other important roles. The film started production in February 2017. Prabhu Deva was known as an expert in the field of kung fu in the film. It was a striking period in 1970-1987.

“RJ Balaji will play the role of a friend of Prabhu Deva.” Filming starts in Chennai from the second week of February “and recently recorded a song written by Amresh Shankar Mahadevan written by Prabhu Deva.

Yung Mung Sung Movie Story Line

The background of kung fu becomes a unique experience for the public. During the growth phase I have watched many films by Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee in my hometown. At the time, I developed a passion for Kung Fu-based films. The story of Yung Mung Sung took place in 1970-1987 and tells the important events of that time, said Arj Arjun.

In January 2017, Prabhu Deva agreed to collaborate with newcomer Arjun for the comedy Yung Mung Sung, and Vasan Visual Ventures took on the role of producer. Actors Thangar Bachan and RJ Balaji also hired for the film and signed as the father of Deva’s first character. The team met lead actor Catherine Tresa, but she played against Lakshmi Menon because they unavailable.

Divulging details about the quirky title of the film, Arjun said, “Prabhu Deva sir plays the role of Yunga Narayanan (Yung), a Kung fu specialist. RJ Balaji’s character name is Mangalam (Mung) and ‘Kumki’ Ashwin plays Shankar (Sung).

Prabhu Deva in Yung Mung Sung

After Devi (1), Prabhu Deva and RJ Balaji will work together for Yung Mung Chung, led by MS Arjun, an old friend of Mundasupatti Ram. According to sources, it a period of theater and action between 1970 and 1987, during which events recorded. City Express learned that Prabhu Deva had played the role of martial arts expert in the film.

Prabhu Deva will described as a master of kung fu in the film, shot in China from the 1970s to the 1980s, primarily in China, where Prabhu dheva teaches kung fu. Regular photography starts on February 17. The distribution also included Thankar Bachan and RJ Balaji.

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