O Pitta Katha Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers Full Movie Review

O Pitta Katha Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers

O Pitta Katha Tamil Dubbed TamilRockers is an new Indian Telugu Romantic Thriller film Written and Directed by Chandu Muddu. The film starring Nitya Shetty, Brahmaji, Viswant Duddumpudi and Sanjay Rao in the lead roles. This film Produced by Anand Prasad V. and Music composed by Praveen Lakkaraju. O Pitta Katha film Cinematography by N. Sunil Kumar and Film Editing by D. Venkata Prabhu.

The film will be released on March 6, 2020. The poster was first published by director Trivikram Srinivas and was presented as the slogan “A Long Story” for the title. It is a young love story for a young audience.

O Pitta Katha Movie Story Line

Prabhu always fell in love with his childhood friend Venkata Lakshmi, but Krish soon entered his life and also fell in love with him. But he was lost before making a decision. Praveen Lakkaraju’s music is very impressive because most of the songs sound good and are beautifully recorded. The work of the camera is also good and the dialogue is natural.

Venkata Lakshmi (Nithya Shetty) leads a happy life with her father in a small town. Together with Venkata Lakshmi’s father, Prabhu (Sanjay Rao) has fallen in love with him since childhood. Even Venkata Lakshmi loves Prabhu and when things go well, a new character named Krish (Viswanth) comes on the scene and falls in love with Venkata Lakshmi.

After learning that Prabhu and Lakshmi had fallen in love, he planned to separate them. At the same time, Venkata Lakshmi was kidnapped and surprised everyone. Overall, this fun and interesting turn made O Pitta Katha an enjoyable hour in the second half.

Chandu had previously turned to Aa Oorlo O Sari Yemjarigindhante, but it did not yield the correct version. This film shows his talent and someone hopes he can prove himself with a new chance in the industry. Despite the size, there is unfortunately no increase in dialogue or entertainment. The songs are fun, but the camera shows the boundaries of the artists.

O Pitta Katha Tamil Dubbed

O Pitta Katha has all the Rom-Com-Pads with relaxing romantic images in a village. So, until I go into voltage mode. What works for this movie is how thriller and comedy meet. Even if the film is strangled, it can more than compensate when the credits are used up.

The last half hour of the movie is quite tense. The emotions and angles shown so far have been well executed by the developer. The burst range for this movie was also well managed. Hero returns and story links are well organized. The actor who played the friend of the hero Sanjay also made people laugh. The hero Viswanths played an important and successful role in the movie.

Despite the shaky tracks, Chendu Muddhu managed to get the most out of the movie. While the love story is pretty common, the single comedy works in pieces. It is a well-wrapped tension film that works very well. Nithya Shetty easily behaved like a typical Orthodox Venkata Lakshmi. Therefore, the character is funny because the whole prayer corner is very boring, just like the rhythm. Sanjay Rao made an impressive start with his minimal weakness as Prabhu.

O Pitta Katha Movie Official Trailer

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