Raatchasi TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Raatchasi TamilRockers

Raatchasi TamilRockers is a 2019 Indian Tamil language drama film, written and directed by Sy. Gowthamraj and produced by S. R. Prakashbabu and S. R. Prabhu of Dream Warrior Pictures. This film stars Jyothika in lead role and Hareesh Peradi in main supporting role. Geetha Rani newly appointed headmistress of a Government school. This story tells us how she reforms the school, students and teachers, also how she safeguards the school and the students from external issues.

Jyotika’s Geetha Rani is a wise teacher who has become a nightmare for her colleagues in the public school of the village. Students cannot organize and the teacher does not care about their well-being or their future. Geetha was responsible for healing a school that cleared the spirit of sexism and political corruption from the failure of the terrible muscle power. That explains why the movie was called Raatchasi, which means “she-devil.”

Raatchasi Movie Story Line

Jyothika said to play a role as a teacher in public schools struggling to improve student education standards. His last play at school was “Kaaka Kaaka” by Gautham Menon. Jyotika, with Kalyaan, director of “Gulaebaghavali”, films an untitled comedian. Jyothika plays Kalyan with Suriya 2D Entertainment, together with veteran actress Revathy.

The caravan starts with the Jyotika character, who shares his wisdom about morality. Coarse translation of the dialogue: “If you do not stop with the bad things that happen before your eyes, you will be part of this bad thing, the opponents will find a place in the story.” He goes into chaos for some reason.

SR Prabhu will finance this project under the banner of Dream Warrior Pictures and S Raj will lead it. According to reports, a large school of 50 rupees built for the film, which produced an important scene for the producer. The film also plays an important role in Poornima Baghyaraj, Sathyan and Hareesh Paredi.

Jyothika in Raatchasi

The director and the screenplay of the first filmmaker Gowtham Raj. Raatchasi expected in June. Poornima Baghyaraj, Hareesh Paredi and Sathyan are part of the cast. Raatchasi the newest film supported by the author, where Jyothika is portrayed as a powerful character. After she married Suriya in 2006, she stopped and returned in 2015 with an excellent 36 Vayadhins. His latest films are Magalir Mattum (2017) and Naachiyaar (2018).

This two-minute trailer shows Jyothika in an unprecedented way. In a clean top with a cotton sari and a collar blouse, the actor looks like a tough woman of good faith. During the caravan he asked difficult questions to students and his colleagues by shaking his head under the direction of the school. While Jyothika talks about assigning 50% of the poor to private schools, school management is preparing them to fired.

Raatchasi Movie Official Trailer

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