House Owner TamilRockers Full Movie Review

House Owner TamilRockers

House Owner TamilRockers is a new Indian action film written and directed by Lakshmy Ramakrishnan and prepared by his own partner, Gopalakrishnan Ramakrishnan. The film contains Kishore and Lovelyn. Mr. Ghibran worked with scores for background music for films. In 2015, the film was inspired by the Hollywood film The Notebook, which contained elements of the Spanish film Others, somewhat different from the tidal wave of Chennai. The main photography of the film began on July 10. 2018.

Together with Lovelyn and Kishore Pass, Kishore carries portable lamps everywhere, illuminated by a yellow light on the screen. They are a newlywed couple and Lovelyn is the main character here, which may be a sign of Sriranjani in the past. The film titles of the House Owner can also express the space that they want to create for themselves in their own relationships and at home. Music director Ghibran composed the music for this film. Krishna Sekhar, Photo Director and CS Prem Kumar, is the editor of this film.

House Owner Movie Story Line

Teaser gives an idea of ​​the lives of four people. It was raining constantly in the background and their houses were immediately flooded. Sriranjani and Kishore act as old couples who have long been together but feel new in their relationships. Kishore has a hard time remembering things and things are in motion, such as when he wakes up one evening to get angry with Sriranjani who controls him. It the first time she called when the rain in her house broke.

The first program with the lead actor of the film has just ended. Aadukalam Kishore, who played in this film, was just as enthusiastic about the project as I was. The second program starts this Thursday and several programs will be set up to complete all projects in mid-September. Some talented technicians, such as the famous Prem Magalir Mattum, bring the film together, including the cinematography of Krishna Sekhar. Laksmy Ramakrishnan, who wrote and directed the film, said the story inspired by the people he met in his life. The film plays in Viji Chandrasekhar, Lovelyn and Kishore’s daughter, who in 2009 seen as a child actress in Pandanga Pasanga.

Aadukalam Kishore in House Owner

At first I wanted to make a film about the floods in Chennai. In the meantime, my daughter is engaged and I have decided to make a film after the wedding. During my recent stay in Mumbai, I saw a Hindi movie that really impressed me. I went back to the manufacturer to purchase non-manufactured renewal rights. However, the inspiration for the film led me to write a new script. These are the challenges for young and beautiful couples when they decide to buy the house of their dreams easier. I am happy for the leadership of Aishwarya Rajesh and Ashok Selvan.

This film, starring Aadukalam Kishore, recently completed. “The House Owner have other important characters, but I don’t know who will play this role, I spoke with Sriranjini, but I think it is a role that I have designed specifically and that it will soon end.” The second program starts on Thursday and against two more programs are expected in mid-September. The splendor of Prem Magalir Mattum, the photography of Krishna Sekhar, is responsible for editing. Enter the music director.

House Owner Movie Official Trailer

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