Aalambana TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Aalambana TamilRockers

Aalambana TamilRockers is a new Indian Tamil drama film written and directed in the first film directed by Pari K Vijay. The film Starring Vaibhav Reddy and Parvatii Nair play the lead, while Munishkanth Ramdoss plays genie role in this film. He also played an important role in Dindigul I. Leoni. The exhibition was inaugurated on 5 November 2019 by KJR Studios.

This summer Aalambana is planning to present the video with strong reservations from Tamil HipHop. Hip-hop Tamila Aadhi composed the story and the songs of Aalambana. The hip-hop base note from Indru Netru Nalai, which is more like aalambana, sounds heavy. Hopefully the same magic touch of Aadhi does a lot for this film.

Aalambana Movie Story Line

Vaibhav, recently seen on Sixer, plays in Parvati in Fantasy Aalambana. The film, co-produced by KJR Studios and Chandru, is the first film by director Pari K Vijay, who previously worked on films such as Mundasupatti and Indru, Netru, Naalai. It is a film about geniuses and Munishkanth who play that role.

It will be a fantastic comedy with many fun elements and a family artist. In addition to the central technical idea, everything is new in Aalambana. We want to make sure you don’t remember other spectators,

“Aalambana will be a film that will balance the visual effects. A substantial budget has allocated to make this film a visual spectacle. We plan to land in Chennai next month and focus on Pondicherry.”, Aalambana also Dindugal I Leoni, Kaali Venkat Murali Sharma and Anandraj. The fame of Vedalam Kabir Duhan Singh will play a contradictory role in this Hip Hop Aadhi music film.

KJR Studios has announced that its tenth project will soon exhibited. The producer also tweeted and asked subscribers to follow the new updates. He is also a producer of Pahlawan Sivakarthikeyan, which has not yet been published. The announcement of Aalambana took place when the movie “Hero” felt the desire for promotional films released a few days ago.

Vaibhav Reddy and Parvatii Nair in Aalambana

According to Vaibhav, the film is like a turning point after many camera cells. With Vaibhav, Parvati Nair played the lead role for women and Munishkanth played the important role of Jin to give humor to the concept of the film. Betting K Vijay, assistant director Mundasupatti, said the film looked like another brilliant film.

He also said he wanted the film to have a different concept than the central concept of Genie and the magic lamp. The background music and the soundtrack were published by Hiphop Tamizha. Although pre-production began in November 2019. KJR Studios published the titles of the exhibition on November 5, 2019.

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