7 TamilRockers Full Movie Review

7 TamilRockers

7 TamilRockers is a 2019 bilingual Indian thriller from Telugu and Tamil. The film directed and filmed by Nizar Shafi, produced by Sri Green Productions. Nandita Swetha and Regina Cassandra played a remarkable female character and played a leading role in police Havish and Rahman.

When investigating a mysterious man named Karthik, he was confused with conflicting statements about the identity of the police. Some young women seemed to have a mysterious relationship with him, and an old man said he knew Karthik as Krishnamurthy, who died thirty years ago. What is the real story behind this mask of lies and fraud?

7 Story Line

7 first scene just as interesting as the title: Ramya (Nandita Swetha) ducked in the rain and went to the police station to complain about her missing husband Karthik (Koneru Havish). A smart but alcoholic policeman (Rahman), after listening to him for a while, begins to guess what is happening in his life. She told Ramya that it surprising that another child, Jennie (Anisha Ambrose), had filed a similar complaint with Karthik and acknowledged that she her husband.

When another woman, Priya (Tridha Chowdhury), submits a similar complaint, a strange and lost case becomes a fraud that becomes more complicated. When a psychiatric patient told the police that the missing person had died a few years ago, the police and his subordinates surprised at their lives. The plot looks attractive on paper and seems to have many elements for an interesting thriller. However, a weak scenario, many logical shortcomings and the absence of trust factors do not make it interesting.

It is a fast, contemporary, multi-level romantic thriller with an interesting story. It is rather odd to our regular audience and I am sure they will forget that they are still watching a 20-minute movie. This story organized around seven main characters, including six female characters, and will alert the public to the way each love story realized.

7 Movie Thriller Based

Although there were panels in different scenes in Tamil, most scenes showed that there was no Tamil film, although most scenes solved the problem of lip synchronization. In this film, cinematography an exciting element, a positive factor in which romance and revenge not presented in the right proportions. She played Regina well, while the others were good.

I am not interested in making Tamil films because I don’t speak a single language. I introduced spring producers to another hero for the Tamil version, but our producer Ramesh Varma and director Nizar Shafi insisted. The first week of filming was a nightmare. Thousands of times I have memorized a small dialogue (in Tamil), but I cannot do it when the camera is running. It took me a lot of time to understand the meaning of the words and praise of my creators and colleagues Anisha Ambrose and others who helped me in the dialogue. However, depending on the interests of our film, I suggest that video makers are looking for stunts.

7 Movie Official Trailer

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