Server Sundaram TamilRockers Full Movie Review

Server Sundaram TamilRockers

Server Sundaram TamilRockers is an unpublished Tamil action comedy film that was taken in parts of Colombo, Sri Lanka and Male, Maldives. The film was directed by Anand Balki and produced by Selvakumar.

The film plays Santhanam and Vaibhavi Shandilya. With music composed by Santhosh Narayanan, Sundaram Server started production in 2016 and completed, but could not see a film screening.

It seems that Santhanam is seriously expanding his horizon as an individual person. Until now, the films of actors such as heroes have been based on comedy. He currently making a horror film of Lollu Sabha, known for Ram Bala, and currently signing something else.

Server Sundaram Movie Story Line

The film becomes a second male hero, but the team did not complete the actor for this role and for the heroine. Interestingly, Santhosh Narayanan, who interested in Rajaliikantha’s Kabali and Bibathan and Vijay films, agreed to print music for the film because he liked the script.

The server brand Balki Anand has more news about the Nagesh classic than its title. This film, which represents Santhanam as the main character, also shows the second main character. Interestingly, this character played by Nagesh Bijesh, the first grandson of the famous comedian Nagesh.

Director Anand Balki: ‘Nagesh Bijesh, the first grandson of experienced actor Nagesh, will play the presenter’s second most important role on Sunday. The first son of Anand Babu, and this is his first time as an actor in the film industry. Strangely enough, he looks like a Nagesh Pak and has functions like his grandfather. There is a report about Gajesh, the second son of Anand Babu, who is part of this film.

Santhanam in Server Sundaram

The team will travel to Australia to record songs, events and shows and to inform the source. Identical twins from Chicago, Poonam and Priyanka Shah, known for their unique YouTube fusion dance videos, will be part of a song that remains in Australia.

Santhanam will play the role of the police in this comic and suspicious film. Although this film is a comedy, the script contains some serious moments. In the beginning Santhanam and I decided to make another film, but our friend Giri created both of them, which in our opinion would be suitable for both. I will also write the script.

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